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Keratine Advanced Repair Treatment keratin treatment reduce application time for weightiness and healthy looking hair. Intense treatment that softens smoothen and straighten. Restore the health of hair and get incredible natural smoothing and shine. Can washing the hairs immediately, not have to wait 3 days. The result can last for 4 months.

100% Soft Shine Smooth 60% Straightening Ratio

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Washing hair by clarifying shampoo gentle massage rinsing repeat the operation 1 time. Blower hair to about 80% dry. Separate the hair into few equal parts and secure each section with a clip. Pour from 20ml to 50ml of 24 hours keratin smoothing treatment in a bowl and put on the gloves. Hold an entire section near the nape. Apply the product from the section near the roots, open the sections apply the product on from roots to ends. Repeat on all four sides of section, from the roots to end, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Do not over saturate. Repeat the same application procedure on the over section. Place the plastic cap over the hair and heating 20 minutes. Remove the plastic cap. Comb hair thoroughly with a fine tooth comb removing excess product from hair. Blow hair 100% dry. Divide hair into several section. Using 220 c flat iron, starting from nip, taking one obligate inch (not to much) sections from hair. 10 times for healthy hair, 8 times for damaged hair till hair feel dry. If the end of the hair severely damaged or spilt, cautiously go over the ends fewer times and slowly with the flat iron to prevent the further damage. Rinse the hair. Apply keratin care mask and work it through the hair leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse again. Blow dry hair