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KERATINE PROFESSIONAL Keratin + Smoothing Shampoo 300ml

KERATINE PROFESSIONAL Keratin + Smoothing Shampoo 300ml

SKU: KP-08
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Keratine hair mask with keratin & milk protein for dry, damaged & chemically treated hair Help makes your hair stay sleek with this keratin infused anti-frizz masque. The defense mask will seal strands to fight humidity and frizz, leaving locks gorgeously smooth. Keratine hair mask deep inside nourishment and repair for 100% smoother hair based on a lab test in comparison with a non-conditioning shampoo. The vita oils are supposedly a blend of coconut, almond and sunflower oils and are absorbed rapidly. They nourish the hair without leaving it greasy. It leaves hair healthy and non greasy. It lends a lot of smoothness to the hair texture and makes it more manageable.

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